Sentimental details and gorgeous furnishings in my master bedroom. Full reveal with Raymour and Flanigan

Hey friends,

My master bedroom reveal is finally live. I walk through my house and I am totally thankful for everything we have. Kevin built this house with his bare hands, it took him a couple years and we will forever love this home. I just updated our nightstands and dresser with a set from RAYMOUR AND FLANIGAN.  This set caught my eye while shopping last year and despite having to wait a little longer because of the pandemic shut down, everything has been delivered and looks amazing!

I am linking everything here and making it super easy labeling it all for you.



The picture in the corner is from our engagement photos! Its in front of a barn, and I love how it fits in our bedroom. The floral topiary on my dresser is from my wedding. I made these centerpieces myself with silk flowers. It is super special to me having these forever. Also I keep our shark self emptying vacuum in our room and I have it programmed to clean every couple days. It helps keep our room dust free and the rug from Raymour and Flanigan nice and clean. 200824_03


Here is a better look at the wedding centerpieces I made!






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HOW TO: Self Tan at home

Tanning at home is not as hard as you may think. I have been self tanning for more than 10 years. I would not go without a faux tan, even in the winter. I am naturally pale and I do not sit in the sun anymore. When I was in high school I would lay in the tanning bed and get super dark. So unhealthy! So since I am so passionate about my faux tan I have learned some tips and tricks and also found the best products to DIY!

step 1 dry brush. If you are not dry brushing your body you must start now.

step 2 Shave. I will link the razor that I like from Target. I am also using a laser hair removal device at home, that has been working really well!

step 3 moisturize after your shower, use something simple, I like Aveeno

step 4 first thing in the morning is when I self tan. I usually do step 1-3 before bed and when I wake up I am perfectly smooth, dry and moisturized.


200311_087200311_079200311_078200311_085200311_086200311_077Tanologist self tanning is my favorite! You can get it at Target or Ulta online. When you are applying use a mit, I would never do this without a mit.

Start at the legs: I use 2-3 pumps on each leg, start on my shin, do the bottom half of my leg, skip the knee! move to your upper thigh, This is when I usualy grab another pump of Tanologist self tanning mousse. I suggest you start on the top of the leg and smooth all around in circluar motions. Once you have the thigh done you can move over the knee, and your foot.

Next ABS. you should be able to do your stomach and lower back I use 1 pump for the front and 1 pump for my lower back. I will smooth this over my butt so everything blends well.

Next I do my right arm. 1 pump I start on my forearm and smooth all over the lower half of my arm and over my hand. Grab another pump and start with the upper arm smooth all around you arm skipping the elbow. Once you have your arm covered hit your shoulders, armpit and smooth over the entire arm, elbow included. This the best way to make sure youre getting color all over and will not end up with streaks. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”4053467″]

Do the same thing with your left arm, OBVI you need to put the mit on your right hand now and it can be alittle difficult getting your back so dont even try.

Put the mit back on your right hand ( assuming you’re a righty) Get your a pump and smooth all over your chest, start in the middle and smooth all over, I cover my boobs completely and make sure that I get shoulders and neck. This is when you would grab your long back brush and put the mit on the end of it. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”4053468″]

With the mit on the back brush, hold on with the loop on your mit. If your mit does not have a loop, use a hair tie to secure the mit onto the brush. I hope you are following along, I am writing while I imagine myself doing this!! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”4053477″]

When you get your mit and brush all set I use 2 pumps and start right where my bra strap would be, reaching around as if I was going to unhook my bra… Get yourself all covered and then reach around as if you are trying to scratch your shoulder. This is how I do it.

After you are done with your body you can do your face with tanning drops. I usually do and I have not broken out from it. I hope this helps! Have a great weekend!

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3 ways to control your mindset

Hey! So I just want to talk about a few things that can totally help you own your mindset. It wasn’t until I started my friendship with the blogging community that I even thought about someones mindset. There are so many women joining forces empowering eachother right now, and it is amazing! So I was inspired and started to become more self aware. I think that making lifestyle changes is a huge commitment and if you are going to work on your mind, you need to have a meeting with your brain and make sure she is going to be open to this change… think of it like starting a diet! I made a few changes to my lifestyle about 2 months ago, and I am excited to tell you just how I managed to own my mindset after a very serious battle with PPD.  Continue reading

The collagen with the best beauty benefits!

Collagen is often referred to as the glue that holds the body together. After age 20 collagen breaks down and we begin to see fine lines and wrinkles. Later in life, we notice more signs of aging in our body’s. We even begin to feel pain in our joints. Cells inside our bodies rely on collagen. Collagen can smooth muscle and improve the appearance of your body. (see the leg photo at the bottom of this post.)

Photo May 11, 9 13 38 AM

This combo is available for purchase directly from me. Please send me a DM to order and I will give you an additional $25 off if you mention this post.

Modere was recently picked up by some top bloggers and I am blowing the whistle on this before it gains any more momentum! Modere is using this influencer marketing strategy to increase sales. I want to share with you what I discovered during my personal research. That will convince you to believe you will waste your time and money if you buy Modere.

Modere uses one type of collagen, from hydrolyzed chicken cartilage extract.

I will be totally transparent, I have been using Joyome collagen for several months and have seen its benefits on myself, my friends, and my family. When I saw one of my favorite bloggers talking about Modere I ran to my computer to do some research. Steam started coming from my ears and I am here now trying to get this out before her following of over 1 million is fooled into purchasing this product.

I have studied the internet and product labels of many collagen-containing ingredient labels. After my personal research, I stand behind the Joyome Collagen made by Plexus.

Joyōme skincare is formulated with premium, bioavailable ingredients that are proven to work. We never compromise on quality or safety just to appeal to the latest beauty buzzwords or trends. If the science isn’t there to back up performance, it doesn’t make the cut. Because your skin deserves only the best.

Photo May 13, 5 59 21 AM (1)Photo May 13, 5 59 21 AM (2)Photo May 13, 5 59 21 AM

These 3 supplements are part of my daily regimen.

Multi-Action Collagen Complex

Get a head-to-toe glow from the inside out, with five grams of highly-bioavailable types I and III marine and grass-fed bovine collagen peptides, plus Ceramides, Biotin, Prebiotics, Vitamins C and E, and an antioxidant-rich blend of superfoods.

Plexus Slim® Microbiome Activating*

Helps to hydrate, maintain lower pH levels, and promote healthy fatty acids in the skin, while also supporting your gut microbiome contributes to overall health.

Plexus XFactor Plus®

Helps to maintain healthy collagen levels and protect against free radical damage caused by environmental factors, while also supporting healthy immune function.


There are many questions people have when researching collagen, and supplements. It is important to discuss your concerns with an educated brand ambassador. You can message me anytime at to discuss how Plexus products can improve your overall health. I choose to focus on health from the inside out in the most natural way possible!

Here are some common questions with Answers from the certified board

How do bovine and marine collagen differ and work together?

Bovine and marine are both beneficial forms of collagen – marine collagen is made from fish skin, while bovine collagen is made from cow skin or dermis. Both are beneficial in supporting beauty from within; both provide great health benefits. Bovine and marine collagen are both rich in the amino acid, hydroxyproline. Bovine collagen is a rich source of amino acids and is a strong source of Types I and III collagen. It has high levels of collagen-specific peptides which are recognized by collagen-producing cells as a signal to stimulate the body’s innate collagen production. Marine collagen is very bioavailable and focuses on Type I collagen. It is a highly beneficial beauty collagen source. The collagen peptides have antioxidant properties, which are important for supporting skin protection.*

What is the difference between the types of collagen? 

Type I collagen is the most prevalent type of collagen in the body and is touted as a beauty collagen. It is highly recommended for hair, skin and nails benefits. Type I collagen is a major structural component of the skin.*

Type II is a more specialized collagen, as it is the main component of cartilage health.

Type III collagen is another beauty collagen. It is the second most abundant type in your skin. It is often used with Type I collagen to support skin elasticity and hydration.*

Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex features highly-bioavailable forms of hydrolyzed Types I and III collagen to provide targeted beauty benefits and head-turning results by working hand in hand with our other carefully-selected, age-defying skincare ingredients. These collagen types are also rich in the unique amino acid hydroxyproline, which contains peptides that help naturally activate the body’s collagen synthesis pathways.*

In Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex, is the bovine collagen sourced from grass-fed, disease-free cows?

The bovine collagen is sourced from grass-fed cattle that are free of diseases (such as BSE).  Plexus only uses ingredients from reputable suppliers that meet the Plexus Standard of Excellence.

Where is the Marine collagen sourced from?

The marine collagen peptides featured in Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex are sustainably sourced from wild-caught salmon.

How absorbable are the collagen peptides in the body?

The collagen in Joyōme™ Multi-Action Collagen Complex is hydrolyzed making it even more absorbable. Non-hydrolyzed collagen peptides are larger, making them more difficult for your body to
utilize. Hydrolyzed collagen features a lower molecular weight so your body can absorb and utilize these peptides more easily.

Medical & Safety Concerns

Does collagen contain any allergens?

Yes. Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex does contain fish (salmon) and wheat seed extract in the form of ceramides. The wheat seed extract has been processed to allow the Dietary Supplement
to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for gluten free.

Can you take Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex with other products?

Yes, definitely! We recommend taking Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex alongside the Joyōme® AM and PM serums daily to deliver clean, simple, effective skincare. The serums work hand-in-hand with collagen to address both internal and external factors contributing to aging for truly age-defying results!

In addition, we recommend pairing Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex with Plexus Slim® to help hydrate and promote healthy fatty acids in the skin, Plexus XFactor Plus™ to help lighten skin, maintain healthy collagen levels through vitamin C, and help defend against free radical damage caused by environmental factors.*




All opinions are my own.

All facts and data was taken directly from

SPA DAY activities for mom and kids to do at home

200227_29200227_31200227_34Since we are all going to be stuck at home for awhile. I wanted to share with you some easy ways to have a fun spa day with your kids at home.  I invited my friend @katlinsimula to write a post for me. She is a former teacher and always shares ideas with me. Follow her on IG for all things kids, outdoor fun, and natural wellness!

1) Manis and Pedis



Nail Polish or Paint



Want to do your nails, but don’t want the kids involved? Trace your hands and feet on cardboard, then cut them out. Draw on the nails.

The kids can use paint or nail polish on the cardboard. Want a natural nail polish for your toddler? Try Ella & Mila. Free of harsh chemicals and tons of color choices. I’m not sure I could relax if my toddler was using nail polish, so regular paint is a great alternative!


2) DIY Face Masks


1 TB organic raw honey

1 TB organic apple cider vinegar

1 tsp Bentonite Clay

This combination will cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin. Safe for kids too.

Get them involved by helping you measure and mix.


3) DIY Foot Soak


Epsom Salts

Warm Water


Adding Epsom Salts to warm water and soaking your feet will decrease odor, ease inflammation, and remove toxins.

Have a little one that has trouble sitting still? You can turn the bathroom into their personal spa. They become the owner and you are their customer. Let them offer you services and refreshments. Have them help set it up so they know where the towels and materials are. Be prepared to leave a tip!