High Five to the weekend


Kokos outfit is a peppa pig shirt from target, baby gap super soft jeans, and sneaks
My outfit is a denim dress that happens to be sold out so I linked several others that look just like this and are also on major sale right now, pants and sneaks also linked.



This is our first pair of matching sneakers. I think I might save them forever just for sentimental reasons… This morning we got up early and headed out to the plumbing supply store to make sure all the fixtures I ordered are 100% because the plumber is installing them this coming week. EEK! I am so excited the house is coming together so fast now. Here is a pic of the master bath tub. Resized_20170713_171227.jpg

Spa worthy! I hope you have a great saturday, check out my beauty post for the makeup products that are part of my everyday routine.


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