Baby MUST HAVES from the second time csection, breastfeeding mama

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Hey babes, You will see on my list everything from the best BABY CARRIER to my pick of a DOUBLE STROLLER  ( I cant wait to install the skateboard for Koko) even so many of the outfits I bought for my baby boy because I just could not help but share. One thing I am looking forward to this time is the high waisted leggings that I got on SALE  I never would buy them at full price so I am going to live in them as soon as they fit, I bought my pre preg size in both styles I linked.

So if you are having a csection, I want to tell you about this item I discovered on Amazon… because I had the hardest time recovering, If you have had a csection you know that your extremely sensitive after for a good 2 weeks. I mean take the feeling of the worst ab work out you ever did and then intensify that by imagining someone stabbing you every time you move. It hurts, so for me I wore a  belly binder, the tightness helps support the incision and healing muscle.    you can shop the BELLY BANDIT here and the amazon cpanty  that I discovered. I really think this will be more comfortable than the bandit for the first few weeks. I will let you know!

As for breastfeeding, I nursed Koko for 18 months. I learned a lot! I struggled but was successful, and would be happy to help anyone who may have questions about anything breastfeeding related. If you are going to breastfeed buy Mothers Milk Teaand bring it to the hospital. Start drinking it the night after your surgery or the next day. It will help your milk come in,  breastfeeding can be very difficult for csection moms given the fact that we dont labor and our bodies are heavily medicated during the surgery. Hang in there! Nurse as often as possible and as SOON AS POSSIBLE, I told my midwives and doctors no matter what, as long as baby is breathing and his vitals are okay I want her/him to nurse as soon as he is removed. It helps baby and its a opportunity that many csection moms do not get because of the restrictions we have being in surgery.  I also recommend fenugreek herbal supplement that helps with milk production. There are alot of tricks for increasing your supply should you struggle feel free to ask. I had an oversupply and forceful letdown, so with that came its own list of problems and learned quick that a nursing station near my nursing spot was key!! I set up a basket with clothes, bibs, nipple cream, snacks and water for me and was very thankful that once we got going I didn’t have to move again until baby was finished. Which sometimes was an hour! A good nursing PILLOW is also critical.

I hope you find my list helpful, and I wish you and your baby the best experience.<3

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