Introducing our baby boy


Hey babes!! We finally welcomed our baby boy Kalvin into the world 9/30/17! He was 8.2lbs 20.5″.

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I ended up needing a C-section after all. If you remember originally I was going to do the scheduled second time C-section but I got brave a canceled it and was planning to go for a VBAC. So, I was excited when labor pain started, but then it just stopped and on and off I felt contractions 15 mins apart for 3 days… I went into my docs office to see how things were progressing and was told that the baby was posterior and not descending and I wasn’t dilating. The midwife explained she was concerned and explained my options, she told me she wanted to talk to the doctor as well and told me to go home and wait for her call about what I should do later on. I drove down the road and five minutes later my phone rang, the midwife explained that I needed to have the baby today, she said either come in right now and they will start Pitocin or she will check with the OR about when they can fit me in for a C-section. Either way, the baby should come out because the doctor is concerned about the stress on my uterus after all the contractions I had, they were trying to avoid uterine rupture… So we talked and I ended up deciding, after calling Kevin for advice, that the C-section was the way to go. Another phone call later the OR only had availability in two hours, so Kevin and I frantically arranged for a sitter, made sure everything was on track for the next couple days and ran out the door to the hospital. By 130pm my baby boy was in my arms and our family was complete! It was such an amazing experience I watched most of the procedure, and Kevin took some really great pictures! Kalvin is now 2 weeks old and doing amazing! Thank you all for congratulating us and supporting me as I find my groove as a mommy of 2. So far things are going really good and I am healing so much better than I ever expected! Two weeks out and I’ve been back to normal for the last couple days. I feel very lucky to be feeling so good and so blessed to have this little boy as my son! My family is so proud.ūüíô

Items I recommend for C Section recovery.

1,CPANTY   absolutely wish someone told me about these for my first c-section. They support the incision and also help heal the scar. I bought a couple pairs and wear them every day, these are the reason that not even two weeks after surgery I am able to clean, shop, and get back to my life, they just help so much.

2. Corset This product is better than the bellafit in my opinion because it is all velcro. As you shrink, you tighten. Must try!



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