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When I was pregnant I was not getting my hair colored very often, I recently just got my hair done and I am back to my normal blonde color. I also got 2 inches cut off. My hair grows really fast normally, it slowed down during this pregnancy but I still managed to keep it strong by taking my vitamins. I am vitamin and supplement obsessed, I take 6-8 pills a day. For strong hair and healthy skin I take two coconut oil pills along with prenatal and a very high quality fish oil. I notice a huge difference in my skin if I stop taking coconut oil.

I also thank my strong hair to good hair products. You can get my favorite hair masque at any drug store I’ve been using this for over a year. I use it in the shower as a deep conditioner everytime I wash my hair and occasionally I leave it in as its recommended or sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning. When I sleep with a masque in my hair I always wrap my head in a bandana so I don’t get product all over my pillow or on my face.

Also ever loose your fav brush? My dog chewed mine recently and I’ve been miserable without it…I have been using wet brush for years, but I recently just found the wet brush pro and I love it! Ive always been irritated how quick I wore out my wet brushes the pro is much more durable and brushes more effectively. I have alot of fine hair, it tangles so easily and my hair is really long. I love wet brush pro


Here’s a full link for everything I use in my hair. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!




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