5 month update and baby gear I love ON SALE


I woke up the other day and realized my newborn grew up. Kalvins about to be 5 months old. He is sleeping in his own room, nearly sitting up, rolling over, I can carry him on my hip and he is wearing 9 months clothes! Seriously why does it happen so fast… and does anyone else love the milestone when you can hip carry your baby?!




I just love having a baby on my hip. šŸ˜ He has been such an easy baby and fit into our family so perfectly the time just flew by. We savored it knowing he was our last baby… I am not sure if this second time around was easy because it was the second time or if we just got lucky… probably a mix of both. I will say though having a 2 year old 3 dogs and a newborn was chaos. Pure circus chaos. šŸ’Æ I have a knack for making things extremely efficient though so I never took a step out of line and kept the family on a routine. I’m all about routines, I had both kids napping at the same time and going to bed and waking up about the same times pretty quick. There are some things I recommend if you are having your first baby or if you’re having your second. So here they are.

1. sleeper swing it’s most important this swing is perfect for colicky babies as well because it inclines and has motion. Shop Sale Items at Graco!

2. universal hand muff by skip hop this item is so great because it has a cell phone pocket that zips. Right now you need this no matter where you live because it’s freezing outside!

3. city select double stroller by baby jogger I can’t say enough about this stroller you can read my full review of itĀ Ā HERE

4. humidifier don’t wait until your baby is sick to buy one of these!! I love this one, we have 3 one for each kid and us.

5. freemie collection cup hands free pumping can get easier! These cups are the solution and also if you are a working mama you could pump at your desk with these! Read about my pumping journey HERE

6. simply natural bottle this bottle is perfect to transition from breast. You can BOGO 50% Off Pacifiers, DentalĀ andĀ Bottles

7. sibilng book we bought this for Koko when I got pregnant. It helped her learn how she will be apart of the new babies life.

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