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Hey Gorgeous!! Hope you are doing great! Today was the gloomiest day and then around 4 the sun came out! I spent the day at home pampering my skin! I used my favorite mask which is seriously $5 for a huge container! I shared how I use the mask on my InstaStories.  After my mask I exfoliated  the rest of my body with my dry brush and spray tanned.  If you guys have been following along you know I spray tan weekly.  I had to invest in a machine so I could keep up with my tan myself.


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It just makes sense if you spray tan often. The machine I use is $180! It is also worth it to invest in this tent to prevent overspray from making a big mess. Before I had the tent I had hung a black curtain in my bathroom and stand in front of that, on a towel. Spray tan solution will wash off of fabric if you wash it promptly, but I just bought a cheap black curtain and use a junky towel so I dont have to worry about it.  Here is the solution that I buy from Norvell. This solution develops in 3 hours, you can shower after 1 but I always let it develop for a min of 3 hours, most of the time though I keep it on for 24 hours. There is a mousse version available if you don’t want to invest in the entire system I use.  Iinked AMAZON products because if you have PRIME you can get tan by the weekend if you order today!

After tanning I keep my glow all week with my favorite coconut body glow.

Kopari Beauty Bodycare Line

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I had to show off my tan in this super cute outfit I just put together! I love that denim skirts are back in style and express has some of my favorites! This $30 peplum wrap top is so adorable and super comfortable too, I love it! Yes, I am wearing uggs, because while I want to dress for spring, IT’S FREEZING! Anyone else remember walking the high school halls in skirts and uggs? (or was that just me, lol)

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Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you guys love my tanning products as much as I do! I have been using them for over 5 years (I lost count.)  Someday I will post a tutorial video, but I need to work on my videography skills first!


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