I’ve got 5 loads of laundry to fold but let me blog first…

180909_Megan Komosa_0095.jpgWorking moms I give you major respect because the struggle is real …the daily commute, constantly trying to figure out how to divide your attention in 570 Ways… when you get home from work trying to take care of the family and the house…the struggle is real. As a stay at home mom trying to work and juggling all things is extremely difficult too. I’m torn between housework, actual work (yes this blog is my job) and giving my kids attention all the time and the difference between an actual job and mom responsibility as a SAHM is that I love my “coworkers” more than anything in this entire world. So I am filled with major guilt all the time, because I have to figure out how to work while I am taking care of them. Any mom who works at home knows that it’s not easy. Sometimes I am envious that a working mom can get in her car alone, drive to work, sit at her desk and think clearly without kids and dogs running around screaming and fighting… but then there are days that I am able to play with my kids or take a break and go outside or even get some errands or chores done and I think of those working moms who somehow fit all things into their work week. Women are amazing and the fact that we do all we do as moms is incredible. So proud of all of you!

This morning I woke up early and the sun was rising, it was seriously a gorgeous morning, I was so happy and full of gratitude for all of my blessings. Then the kids woke up and I walked around the house noticing ALL the things that piled up all week long. I had a mild panic attack trying to figure out how the heck I was going to get through the day, everything on my to-do list felt like it needed to be done immediately. I went around the house cleaning all morning and I thought about those working moms who have been busy juggling all week long and probably wake up every Saturday feeling this overwhelmed.

Anyone else avoid laundry? Actually I literally just can’t even stand still to fold laundry- yes I have ADHD or just an anxious mind, either way, it is annoying AF standing still folding a load of laundry, my mind races like crazy, I have started watching videos on my phone for distraction. Would I be crazy to install a tv in the laundry room? Anyways, my laundry is never getting done.

Who else is staying awake after their family goes to bed to catch up on all things? It is just easier sometimes to wait until everyone is sleeping.

Yesterday I had the longest day in a really long time. Keep in mind, I haven’t worked in 4 years, so now that I am officially blogging full time I am having a hard time finding a balance.

180909_Megan Komosa_0088.jpg

I  realized no matter what life is a struggle. We are all juggling, whether you have kids or not. I have just been getting by the last few years and I am now realizing that this stage of our lives is a phase, its the best part right… We have been busting out asses building our dream and our family. In the middle of my panic today I went into Kevin’s office and gave him a hug and I thought about how in a few years the kids will be totally independent… I won’t be losing my marbles trying to walk 3 dogs with two toddlers tagging along… my kids will be taking the dogs out. I guess I am sharing with you my new perspective and giving you all some major credit for getting through your week!

I am going to work on constantly reminding myself of how important it is to cherish this phase. I was reminded by so many women while I was out shopping with Kalvin yesterday… Those moms who have kids out of college, who look at me and Kal with tears in their eyes wishing they could go back in time. It really does make you appreciate your little ones when you get those looks from people. I am figuring it out and learning as I go, someday my house will be as organized and as clean as I try to make it.  Right now my life is a circus, I am juggling so much, I am happy to share as I learn and I hope that I help other moms who feel a bit overwhelmed by all the hats they have to wear in a day.

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