Freshen up for fall with True Glow by Conair


This transitional weather has got me feeling like I need a makeover!!  (or just an excuse to pamper myself head to toe) so here I am starting my freshen up for fall series!! YESSSS bring on all the feel-good vibes, pumpkin facials and all things cozy!! (I need a pedicure badly after walking around barefoot the last 3 months!- anyone else)

Before I started using the True Glow by Conair my face never felt clean. I wear a lot of makeup and it’s really hard to remove. My skin is very pale, and fair because I always wear SPF and haven’t tanned my skin in the natural sun in over 10 years. I am also a complete NUT about skincare so self-tanning my face isn’t very effective.




After sweating under my makeup all summer and feeling like an oily mess I was looking for something to get me back on track. I started using True Glow by Conair and I LOVE IT! My skin is actually glowing clean in the morning after using it and to me there is nothing sexier than going to bed completely bare (faced.)

I want to tell you the specs about the True Glow Sonic Facial Brush so you can understand why its better than the regular spin brushes…Sonic technology (just like those sonic toothbrushes!) powers this brush at 300 oscillations per second to literally shake dirt and makeup from the pores and reduces areas of dry skin, oily patches and visible blemishes.

some other awesome specs:

2X more effective than using an everyday cleanser alone
30% visible reduction in pore size
30% reduction of redness
98% removal of environmental toxins


The first time I used the True Glow by Conair I was in shock how nice it felt and I made Kevin use it to see if he agreed… I think he is jealous at all the new products that I get to try and he is definitely loving being my guinea pig! What makes this easy to use, even easy enough for a guy is the automatic even cleanse timer that prompts you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds! Such a clever feature.
I set mine up by the sink right next to my electric toothbrush. They’re quite the sonic duo but I also LOVE that the True Glow by Conair Sonic brush is completely waterproof. When I am showering I can bring it in with me!! THE BEST place to scrub your face is in the hot shower, your pores are wide open and everything gets so clean. So I encourage you to bring this baby into the shower with you!



I am thankful that Conair sent me this product to share with you all and was willing to sponsor this post so I could tell you all how much I loved it! Click HERE to check out the Conair True Glow sonic face brush online. 


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