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I have been asked so many times to do a home tour and I am finally going to start now. I procrastinated because I had no idea where to start… There are so many exciting things to share! Since I am in my kitchen most of the day it just feels right to start here! Our new home was ready for us to move in to in May. Kevin and I agreed we would move with parts of the house unfinished. We left the bonus room over the garage, the basement rooms, and the outdoor kitchen and pool area for next year. We moved in and unpacked the necessities but we haven’t really done much since as far as decorating. I have to go dig through storage containers for our winter gear. 





Our goal was to finish the outdoor landscaping before the ground froze. Now that the weather is cold we are going to move the employees inside and start finishing the rooms that aren’t done. I will go into our plans for completion in another segment.

Kevin and I spent 2 years designing this home and Kevin built the entire thing himself. From the excavation of the lot to the roof, I am beyond proud of him. If you didn’t know from my previous posts Kevin is a builder. We own a construction business in MA, Kevin’s business is Kevin Komosa Enterprises, you can check out his website here kevinkomosa.com. Kevin and our employee’s talents shine throughout our home. We are so proud of the accomplishment and to be able to call this masterpiece home is truly a blessing. I can tell you it wasn’t easy, we are perfectionist and over analyzed details and towards the end of the project we needed to force ourselves to relax. Kevin would send me to lowes about every week to find random materials. Dragging two kids into Lowes to find caulk or whatever else Kev requested was not fun. Koko would have these ridiculous meltdowns in the store, which made things that much harder. I know it was probably because she could tell I was so stressed trying to find the right item in a store I don’t know. Thankfully they have lollipops at checkout.


When we started designing the house we knew we wanted a top of the line kitchen. I love to entertain and I enjoy cooking at home. We worked with kitchen designers from Vartanian custom cabinetry. I had a vision that I made sure that I stayed true to but having their professional advice along the way really helped. Kevin totally let me design the kitchen of my dreams. I designed everything in the house, along with Kevin’s opinion and approval of course. The ENTIRE house was designed off of this kitchen. It is TRULY the heart of our home and I couldn’t love it more. I am calling my design style Glam French Country.

The design ideas that I had started with the French oak floors. I saw them in a design center and hunted them down for the house. The wood is from France and the boards were hand scraped to be distressed and stained and dried in a pretty intense process that the manufacturer explained as the best you can get. It was an investment, but they will last forever. Even with 3 dog and kids, the flooring is stained in a way that the color is penetrated very deep into the wood so even a scratch is undetectable. Kevin and I sealed the floors with wax by hand, all 10,000 square feet of it. Please excuse me for going on and on about these floors but they truly make me so happy!


I could also go on and on about how many times I flip-flopped about having an all-white kitchen. I literally cried about it. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I was when an interior decorator told not to do an all-white kitchen. All-white was what I had wanted from the start. The Kitchen, and the rest of the house really, didn’t come together until I finally blocked out everyone’s opinion and went with my own vision. I chose white for the entire kitchen cabinets and island and then began hunting down a counter. The counters in this kitchen are quartz. I LOVE them! The color is perfect it doesn’t look dirty even when scattered with kids crumbs. I was able to save a huge amount of money by ordering our counters from Lowes. The quartz counter by Cambria that I LOVED was very expensive when we priced it through the cabinet company. So I took the material sample to Lowes and found an exact match, it just happened to be renamed for Lowes! We saved thousands on our house by getting the counters from Lowes and were able to put quartz in every bathroom too.

The kitchen island is a full slab of quartz. It is the biggest you can get without a seam. I think its 10 feet, it sits 5 people comfortably and has lots of great storage. Behind the island, we have a wall of cabinets where the Kohler farmhouse sink, double Asko dishwashers, and 48″ Double griddle stove by Wolf all live happily together.  I also saved a ton of money by ordering our sinks from build.com! Hundreds! I highly recommend taking the quote from your local store and price matching the items on build.com. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about supporting local businesses, but, sometimes the markup is ridiculous. If they want to make a sale they will price match for you. I am going to have to write a post on how to save money when building a home so this info is easy to reference.


Anyway, the kitchen has all Wolf and subzero appliances, the coffee and wine bar has a cool hammered nickel sink I found on build.com. The marble herringbone pattern backsplash came from Lowes, I can’t even tell you how much we saved by going to Lowes for this! SO Much! I knew that I wanted the backsplash to be different behind the stove though, and I was struggling to make a design decision. One day I was at the house and the cabinets were just being installed, I stood back and looked at the fireplace in our living room and then looked at the stove which is directly across the wide open room. I asked the guys on the job site what they though about a stone back-splash to match our fireplace behind the 48″ wolf range. Everyone turned to look at me like I was nuts and Kevin made a comment about the cost. I managed to get Kevin to take a look over the kitchen with me and when we stepped back to visualize we realized that the stone back-splash just had to happen. It is amazing, it is the same stone we used on the exterior of the house. It is all real, I will have to ask Kevin the name of it, he knows but its from CT. One other detail we couldn’t sacrifice was the mirrors. I saw these cabinets with the circle design and mirrors in a kitchen in a celebrities house. They had a regular mirror which looked too harsh to me. I remembered the design of a bar I went to all the time in Boston, it was called Eastern Standard, it is over near Fenway. They had this awesome wall of distressed mirror that I had always admired. A regular mirror would have been too bold and reflective. I searched high and low for these and I absolutely love the way the custom cabinet came out framing the mirror. These mirrors are custom ordered by a company called Spancraft. I worked with a local shop to order them for me because they don’t sell to residential customers, only commercial. The shop that helped me is called hope and feathers, they are an awesome custom framing shop in Amherst.


Our chandeliers are from 1800lighting.com. I found an amazing deal on their website and ordering all of the lightings for the house was so easy! I found a collection of chandeliers that fit the entire first floor. I put two chandeliers above the island, and a chandelier above the breakfast nook, so we have 3 chandeliers in our kitchen. I used a flush mount from the lighting collection in the formal living room and an extra large version of the kitchen chandelier in the foyer. I love the lantern style with the candelabra in the middle. Perfect for my glam French country vibe.


I can’t believe how long this post ended up being if you read everything, thank you! I am happy to help in any way I can if you are in the process of building! It can definitely be overwhelming. As I mentioned we still have a lot to finish but they’re all bonus’s like the theater, gym, play room, and a few more rooms too….Just wanted to give you an idea of what is to come! We will have fun working on these projects this winter, everything needs paint and flooring right now so it will be a bit before we get them ready for furniture. What room should I show off next?!

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