How to throw a kid-friendly New Years Eve!



Let’s be honest, would you rather stay home on New Year’s Eve or go out? Me, I would love to be on a beach somewhere but if I can’t have that I will settle for my bed. This year I am very excited to celebrate the New Year in our new home with the kids! Kevin and I will be ringing in the New Year with our two kids and 3 dogs.  Hey, that’s a party! When the Kids go to bed I will cook some scallops and grill up some filet mignon and hang out on the couch with Kevin. There’s really no other way I would like to spend any night of the week honestly, and to be doing what I love on New Year’s Eve is perfect enough for me. I will wear a fancy sparkly dress and decorate the house a little so we are “in the mood” to stay awake and watch the ball drop. For the first time in forever. lol.


keep things simple when it’s just the family, toss some fav munching snacks into dishes and place in a centrally located spot in the house, don’t forget to include juice boxes for the kids!


I styled a New Years themed drink and snack station for the family to enjoy. I used twinkle lights that have been so handy decorating different things lately and some super cute decorations that I got from a small shop. Ellie and Piper decorations. The “ill be ready in a prosecco” mirror is from Ellie and Piper and so is the confetti, and garland and napkins.  I have used Elllie and Piper decor for parties in the past and find the most unique items there! Check out this adorable Unicorn balloon and confetti. 

Kom M3G_7084 copy

Kom M3G_7085 copy
This is probably my favorite picture because I can see the love in Kevin’s face. 

I remember last year sitting up on the balcony at our nearly finished home imagining what it would be like when we finally moved in. We have been in for 6 months now and it really is a dream come true.  In 2019 we have plans to finish the rest of the house, starting with my office, bonus room/playroom, and guest bedroom, we will also have our construction crew finish the mudroom, pantry and hang a couple barn doors before they finish the basement and the rooms that are down there. Hopefully all of those inside projects will be done by April and they can start the outside kitchen and possibly the pool before July. I am really hoping we can get a pool this summer but we may hold off one more year. There is so much to do. I regret now not showing more of the building process with you guys during the build, so I promise that I will cover what is going on more often. I started using the #villakomosa, Villa Komosa started years ago and its definitely stuck. Oh Oh I forgot to mention the DECOR that we have planned. In the next few weeks I have a company coming to help me design custom shades and blinds, which I am very excited about because the house has started to feel a bit naked.  When we were in Burlington last week we found a decor store that I love, its called Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  The top designer in Burlington is coming to our house to go over the plans to finish furnishing and decorating the house. I am VERY excited!! I will share that process with you too.

Kom M3G_7399 copy

Kom M3G_7078 copy

Anyways, I could go on and on chit-chatting about ALL the exciting things that are going on in 2019. I can already tell it is going to be an AMAZING YEAR! Thank you guys all so much for reading my blogs, following me on social media and Pinterest. I am trying to personally connect with all of you so please do not be afraid to leave a comment or just say HI! <3

Thank you to Melissa from M3G Photography for capturing the photos of Kevin and I!


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