Love Is A Miracle

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The foundation of life is love. I am sitting here looking at a family photo thinking that their smiling faces are such a blessing. How I could not imagine life without them. That is love. Valentines day can be such a hallmark holiday if you think about it that way, but when you think about your family and how seriously strong you love them, isn’t that a miracle? Doesn’t that deserve to be celebrated… hell yes. I love my family so hard my eyes swell with tears and my heart aches when I think about it. My dad used to tell me I was burning his heart. That is the type of love that should be celebrated on valentines day… Do not make it about creating the perfect Martha Stewart DIY popup singing valentine… make it about the miracle of love and teach your children that showing love is the most important thing in the world. Love is patient, love is kind, love is respect… and there are so many things love isn’t. It takes effort to lead with love in a life that challenges us to be so bitter! I know it.

If you are wondering what valentines day is its a celebration of the miracle of love, none of us would be here if that miracle did not occur.

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Happy Valentines Love Day everyone!!! I am so thankful that you are reading my blog, following along and showing me love.

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