4 Step Hydrating Skincare Routine

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If you’re trying to get that super healthy, glowing skin (maybe for summer vacation), read on to find my tips on my hydrating skincare routine! Let’s get into it.

I have been learning a lot about skincare now that I am a spokesmodel for Dr Davidson plastic surgeon. It’s so important to focus on repairing and prevention now that I am in my 30s, and of course the pressure is on holding a title like spokesmodel for a plastic surgeons office! I absolutely love learning about skin care, and ways to improve our bodies with nonsurgical and surgical options and will be forever grateful for this opportunity. The women in the office have taught me a lot about skin care and one thing they are very strict about is using MEDICAL GRADE skin care products. (I didn’t even know the difference)

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Medical Grade vs. Over The Counter Products

Formulated in a lab, medical grade products penetrate the dermis. All ingredients must be 99.9% PURE and each product targets a specific issue and gives visible results. A medical grade skin care product has to be sold by a doctor or authorized facility like DERM STORE. 

Over the counter skin care products are produced to look, smell, and feel good and have little active, pure ingredients.  Over the counter skin care is mass produced and has high levels of preservatives to maintain shelf life.

Since learning these little facts I invested in new products and have found that a little goes a long way and since it is so much more effective it IS NOT a waste of money. DERM STORE is a great place to shop for medical grade, high quality skin, hair and makeup products. I personally LOVE shopping at stores with high quality standards because I have piece of mind that I am getting what I am paying for, and do not need to spend hours sifting through all of the marketing gimmicks! You’ve never seen a commercial for a box of cereal sold at whole foods…

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Anyway my skin care routine starts with what I eat! Definitely notice that when I eat dairy, sugar and drink alcohol my skin changes, pretty quickly too. I break out a couple days after splurging and it takes about a week to clear up again, with religious care. I have been gluten free for 10 years, and limit dairy and rarely drink alcohol. When I was in my teens and early 20s I lived on carbs, dairy and drank more than I want to confess. After being diagnosed with celiac I noticed a huge improvement in the way I felt and how my skin looked. Supplements have helped a lot too, especially strengthening my hair and nails!

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Supplements — Zhou Nutrition collagen peptides and hair skin and nails daily supplement.

Occassional Skin Care Practices 

  1. sonic skin cleansing brush  I use this if I have on a full face of makeup, otherwise I skip it. 2 cleansers are used for this: 1 is a makeup removing oil and the other is Osmosis cleansing balm, which is Medical Grade.
  2. “dermaplaning” if you do not know what dermaplaning is you can google it, usually it is done by an aesthetician or doctor. In a nut shell, I shave my face. Shaving removes the dead skin and peach fuzz. (ever wonder why your husband has such nice skin, he shaves his face) your makeup will go on smoother too!
  3. masks I have several and they are all for different things. Right now, being the winter time I am using the hydrating mask much more than a clay mask. I am obsessed with the Osmois tropical mango mask! It works so good to reduce inflammation and increase hydration.
  4. Lavalier collagen boosting masque & their collagen firming complex serum

Lavalier is a very expensive skin care line therefore I do not use it daily. I add this to my routine 2-3 times a week.

Nightly Routine

I remove my eye makeup using a eye makeup remover that I get at whole foods, it does not make my eyes burn and it works really good. After I wash my face with the Osmosis cleansing balm using just my hands and  face cloth (unless I have full makeup on then Ill use the cleansing brush)

After my skin is clean I will apply serum, I am using the Osmosis  antioxidant repair serum, this protects and repairs my skin from free radical damage. I love this!

Then I will apply the Osmosis quench moisturizer. “Quench contains high amounts of hyaluronic acid, organic shea butter, and jojoba seed oil to provide various lipids that restore the epidermal barrier. It also contains advanced peptides to aid in skin rejuvenation.”*

Morning Routine

I never wash my face in the morning, I will wipe away any mascara that may have made its way onto my skin and then I apply Osmosis Replenish serum and Quench moisturizer.

This is just what I do to take care of my skin. I also receive routine Botox, and Filler, I have lash extensions and my eye brows are microbladed. Doing these semi permanent enhancements really does make it easier to take care of your skin. Everything you do is preventative, even Botox. Your wrinkles will not intensify if you are diligent about your treatment. I treat my forehead area and crows feet, and also get filler in my lips to even them out. I only trust Dr Christopher Davidson and Zara Bogroff they are located in Wellsley MA if you are local.


My Outfit

I am wearing my all time fav cami and levi jeans in this pic. I actually straightened my hair too, instead of wearing it curly. What do you guys think? My hairdreams extensions look good straight too! I love them!

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