coordinating Easter outfits for the family

Easter is one of my fav holidays. Ok, I love them all but seriously Easter is my fav holiday to dress for. Now that I have a family I try to coordinate our outfits on holidays. It can be frustrating to come up with matching family Easter outfits, especially if you wait till last minute. Don’t worry I got you! This year I was ahead of the game and have some adorable matching family Easter outfits planned.

Clearly our theme for our matching family easter outfits is yellow and blue this year. Honestly I picked my dress first, I loved it the second I saw it. I matched everyone else around that and I found the cutest Easter dress for Kourtney with a little lamb on it. I love guys in Gingham on Easter! It is also a great reason for men to wear colors other than blue, am I right!?! I found the cutest yellow gingham for Kalvin and several options for Kevin in different colors too. Father and son matching outfits melt my heart.

Every year I get the kids rain boots for Easter and I stuff the boots with goodies. Bubbles, goldfish, gummies, lollipops, play-doh these things make great Easter basket stuffers. I really do not let the kids eat much sweets so I keep our baskets pretty practical. I found a couple extra things at Nordstrom while I was there and linked them here too! Can anyone really have enough matching family Easter outfits and stuffed Easter bunnies?

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