Launching in the USA, ANRIEA black tooth whitening strips for sensitive teeth

Photo Jul 31, 10 49 13 PM


Teeth whitening is one of the things that a lot of people avoid, because their afraid of increasing sensitivity in their teeth and gums. I honestly think that if you use the right products, the right way you won’t experience a big increase in sensitivity… And I do have a teeth whitening secret for you that I am going to share in this post. 

Natural teeth whitening is effective if used properly and I found an amazing natural teeth whitening product that uses edible charcoal, coconut oil and natural pearl powder to whiten!  This product is ANRIEA and it is brand new in the USA. The ANRIEA black tooth whitening strips are safe to use everyday because there is no harmful chemical ingredients which cause the irritating feeling. There is no hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide and  preservative contained. You can even swallow while using! I am so excited to be partnered with ANRIEA to share their launch with you guys. You can get the product HERE on Amazon! It is affordable and ships fast.

 These black teeth whitening strips are amazing! They are super easy to use too. When I saw the YouTube video of the ANRIEA black teeth whitening strip I laughed. The strip is black! I have seen black tooth paste before but this is something totally new, and I am here for it! I love the ANRIEA whitening strip. I am totally hooked on throwing a set on my teeth before I take a shower. The ANRIEA teeth whitening strip is comfortable and the strip is thick so it doesn’t slide around. Which makes doing something while wearing it totally comfortable. 

Next, I have a few tips to share with you guys. If you are just starting out whitening your teeth, plan to be consistent. You cannot expect a once and done procedure with teeth whitening at home. Choose a tooth paste that protects enamel. This will help with sensitivity and make sure you do not damage the enamel of your teeth. Next use the whitening strips everyday after you have had ALL of your coffee for the day, or at the end of the night before bed. I sort of imagine my teeth being super absorbent after I whiten them which helps me remember now to eat or drink anything that could stain them. If you are just starting out whitening your teeth, I would use them everyday for 2 weeks. Now that I have bright white teeth I just whiten them every week or every other week to remove light coffee stains. I brush my teeth with a good tooth paste that protects enamel (not one that focuses on whitening) twice a day and use the ANRIEA tooth whitening  strip as often as I want. You can order your ANRIEA black tooth whitening strips from Amazon by clicking HERE(Use my code  MGANRIEA at checkout on amazon for 10% saving)