Fall outfit staples, OTK Boots, leopard, leggings, floppy hat

Hey girl!! What to wear in the fall is solved with this adorable fall outfit. I am so obsessed with these leggings, seriously. They are so good, I wish they got more attention from fashion bloggers. When I am getting dressed every day I gravitate towards leggings. For sure everyone would agree that leggings are a fall staple! I dressed up a pair of leggings with a mini dress, boots and a floppy hat. The bonus here, IRL I am wearing leggings and a hat to hide my unwashed hair. am I right? yes.

I got this top at Target and it is so good you can not go wrong with this print. I love leopard print, but sometimes it can be a bit much when the spots are super large looking, I always look for a smaller print like this. I hope that makes sense to you. When I don’t know what to do with my hair, or I just don’t have time to wash it, I wear a floppy hat. I have a couple options as far as hats and I would definitely say they are fall staples!  l’ll link them HERE. If you are looking for a comfortable date night fall outfit over the knee boots will give you a comfortable yet sexy vibe.


There is only a few more weeks of fall in New England. Soon all the leaves will be off the trees. I am taking every opportunity to wear a cute fall outfit while I can. I don’t think I will be wearing these boots this winter. I am going to shop around for some over the knee boots that wont get ruined by the salt. Wishing fall weather would stick around a little bit longer so that I can keep wearing cute fall outfits… I have everything I am wearing linked HERE.





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