Carbon Monoxide education for kids

This post is sponsored by First Alert, but all opinions are my own.
Hey mamas!

Time is flying! I have been so busy lately my brain feels like its on overload. I am trying to remember to move my family’s Elf On The Shelf but I admit I have forgotten a few times. I am working on making up for my lack of creativity by incorporating learning and games each week. This week we learned about fire and carbon monoxide safety. Kids are never too young to learn the importance of fire safety. My dad was a fireman, I have a lot of stories I could tell you about how my dad made sure we were always on our toes… I know my dad will be proud that I am partnering with First Alert in order to protect myself and my family I used our sweet Elf Rosie to raise awareness and educate my kids about carbon monoxide safety. Rosie gifted us the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm and included some information that I read to my kids.

Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless deadly gas that can be produced by any fuel-burning device. The only way to detect CO in your home is by installing a CO alarm. The First Alert 10-year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. This stylish CO alarm is designed to sit on top of a dresser or tabletop, and it has a backlit digital display that shows temperature and peak levels of CO (when detected). This CO alarm provides hassle-free protection by eliminating the need for battery replacements for 10 years. After 10 years, you will hear an end of life warning, letting you know it is time to replace (alarms don’t last forever and should be replaced at least every 10-years). But, it gets better – No installation is required. (Kevin doesn’t let me put holes in the walls so this was a bonus for me) Simply place the alarm on a tabletop and start protecting your home and family from CO. Not having to worry about hanging the alarm on the wall made it easy for me to buy a First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm for all over my home. We live in a large home and we have built-in fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms but having these backups in areas that have gas operating appliances makes me feel so much safer.

First Alert 10-year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the perfect stocking stuffer for family or anyone who might be using gas to heat their home this winter.

Product Features:

Stylish Design with LED Temperature Display

 Built-In 10-Year Battery for 10 years of protection

No installation needed (option to install on the wall if you’d like but the main benefit is that there is no installation required, activate it and you are protected for 10-years!)

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, CO poisoning is the number one cause of accidental poisonings in the U.S. Referred to as the “silent killer,” CO is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that can only be detected with a CO alarm. Every year, CO poisoning takes the lives of over 400 people, while an additional 50,000 people are treated for it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – and half of these deaths occur between November and February.

Take the opportunity to use your ELF for fun education and incorporate important lessons like fire safety and the hidden danger of Carbon Monoxide. You can LEARN MORE HERE and PURCHASE the First Alert 10-year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm from Amazon.

I was compensated for this post by First Alert and have used facts and information from their website LINKED HERE. I incorporated my real-life opinion in my blog post and hope that you take an opportunity to double-check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms after reading this.
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