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Hi everyone,

I am sitting in my living room with coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning. Thinking about my husband’s business and how I have not shared too much about it, here on my blog. This post is a little backstory about Kevin Komosa Enterprises and how it started off. How Kevin and I worked together to build this incredibly blessed life.

So I met Kevin Komosa and he was an extremely hard worker. He was building his landscaping business and working with another company doing construction and excavation. I encouraged Kevin to go on his own 100% and told him I would help him the entire way. He and I grew very fast, soon I was driving a landscape truck and trailer mowing commercial sites, and training employees to take over various roles.

As the years went on Kevin Komosa Enterprises grew. Our team grew, our equipment grew and now we are a  successful construction, excavation company from Western MA. The point of my story is that everyone starts somewhere. I am so proud of Kevin. I know regardless if he met me or not he would have been successful. However, I like to take credit for supporting him, physically, emotionally in every way. Still to this day even when I was nursing a newborn, I would get up and make him a breakfast sandwich, coffee and pack a cooler for him to take to work. Love and support your family and you will see amazing things happen. SO proud! komosa005komosa036komosa080komosa081komosa089komosa091komosa103

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