How I learned to use network marketing opportunities to leverage MY social media brand

I went to college for Marketing, Business management, and web design. WAY BACK in 2008 (ish, so long I hardly remember.) Somehow I figured out how to use network marketing to leverage my social media brand. I had no idea where I would work when I graduated. I did not know what I wanted to do. I knew there was an opportunity with this knowledge. I was going to be ready when I found what I was looking for. Long story short (I just thought of about 3 blog topics, so go ahead and subscribe now, this is about to get juicy) I held myself accountable for making a positive impression and sharing my life as I began a journey towards Health and Wealth. I am sharing my story, and how I used every opportunity I could to leverage my social media brand.

After watching other influencers and asking questions I learned how to grow my account from 0-10K. I joined Style Collective and networked with other bloggers… I grew my account on social media by consistently sharing on my stories and by posting photos with captions that had a purpose.

I have been a blogger for 3 years and have discovered another way to earn an income, and it’s not paid collabs or sponsored posts!! I enjoy sharing these opportunities because I truly hope we all make it and don’t compete with anyone.

It all changed when my friend introduced me to her pink drink, and the team “Grow Collective.” They are a group of amazing women influencers who use and sell the plant-based products from Plexus! Plexus focuses on gut health and is gluten-free and vegan. The focus on getting healthy from the inside out appealed to me and when I tried the Triplex I felt so amazing after the first month. I was losing track of the time, I would not judge the evening time by my level of exhaustion! I look at the clock like omg it’s an hour after my kid’s bedtime! Whoa! After that happened not once, not twice, but three times I knew it had to be the triplex. After that,  I jumped in with full commitment to building this with my local friend. I got my mom to try the Renew you combo and she loves it! Which even further confirmed these products really do work!!! 

My friend Meghan @TheAmericanFarmhouse and I  have started a group called Boss Mamas Inc. This group is an MA-based group of women entrepreneurs focused on health and wealth. I love helping people! These products allow me to do that! I share all of my successes and secrets with our team and we are growing TOGETHER. I would love to help you! If you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and have a strong work ethic I can mentor you.



A few things every Boss Babe needs!

Being able to work from home has given me a sense of purpose and motivated me in so many ways. I love the community of women I connect with every day. I love sharing my life and empowering women to be the healthiest version of themselves.


If you are interested in getting started with social media marketing, influencing, or building a network marketing brand I suggest following my three (most important) rules.

    1. DEFINE who “you” (your brand) are.


Ideally, you would start a new social media page, consider what you want your page to be about and stick with that. Share consistently, DAILY if possible!

      2. JOIN support groups and network with others on PERLU and STYLE COLLECTIVE


Networking is a critical skill that you must master during your college experience. Figure out how to be confident enough to be the one that makes conversation. It takes practice. Confidence is not always being the best, it’s about acting as if you already won.

    3. POST consistent content and utilize Tailwind to grow your social media and blog 



Monetization does not happen overnight. The most effective way to start earning while you grow your brand on social media is to participate in a network marketing business like I have with Plexus. Embrace what they offer, grow and support each other. Magic will happen. My team is incredible, the products are changing lives from the inside out. 

Interested in learning more about these amazing plant-based products from Plexus? Follow me and or DM ME! I share all about how I use Plexus.

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