super simple super bowl hostess tips and what you need to know about the big game 2020.


Let me be honest. I don’t care about sports. I am purely here for the party. I love to hostess and the super bowl game is always fun because it is such a guys game I can easily get away with having a laid back menu.  I like to hostess don’t get me wrong but it’s always fun when I can serve a simple menu and focus more on the libations. I serve gluten-free simple appetizers. I love the “be good food” frozen veggie egg rolls, chicken dumplings, and Mexican taquitos. I also make a fun charcuterie chili board.

How amazing is this one by the Reluctant Entertainer. she is a must follow her on instagram!


Variety is important when you are hostessing so stock up on different chips and liquor, beer, wine, and mixers. Or just say BYOB and kick up your feet. I have done that too. This year though I am on a margarita kick and will mix up a pitcher of jalapeno margaritas. I will make sure to have drinks going and chips/dips and other little munchies set out before the national anthem. I love that I can’t go wrong by putting out wavy lays and Doritos for guests to munch on.  This year Demi Lavato is singing the national anthem. Not really sure how I feel about her. She is one strong girl and has a beautiful voice. I’m not quite sure how she is going to channel all of the pressure put on her tomorrow, especially since she is trying to be sober.


mk_200129_77 During the first half of the game I heat up appetizers and set up the kitchen for a self serve buffet. That way everyone can get up, get a big bowl of chili, potato skins, gluten-free potstickers, egg rolls, or taquitos. I keep it easy and kid-friendly by serving hot dogs and mac and cheese. Everything will be ready just in time for the amazing half time show! Shakira and JLO and I heard a rumor Ricky Martin may make an appearance….. This should be one smokin super bowl show!


After half time I really just chill with the girls. We really don’t care about the game and we will be hanging in my SheDen together. Surely the guys will be in and out having beer, snacks and cigars…. I still do not know who is playing football during this super bowl game, and I am not going to act like I care. I will be on Instagram stories hanging with the rest of you. Don’t be shy shoot me a DM. I always love when ya’ll reach out when you see me on stories.



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