SPA DAY activities for mom and kids to do at home

200227_29200227_31200227_34Since we are all going to be stuck at home for awhile. I wanted to share with you some easy ways to have a fun spa day with your kids at home.  I invited my friend @katlinsimula to write a post for me. She is a former teacher and always shares ideas with me. Follow her on IG for all things kids, outdoor fun, and natural wellness!

1) Manis and Pedis



Nail Polish or Paint



Want to do your nails, but don’t want the kids involved? Trace your hands and feet on cardboard, then cut them out. Draw on the nails.

The kids can use paint or nail polish on the cardboard. Want a natural nail polish for your toddler? Try Ella & Mila. Free of harsh chemicals and tons of color choices. I’m not sure I could relax if my toddler was using nail polish, so regular paint is a great alternative!


2) DIY Face Masks


1 TB organic raw honey

1 TB organic apple cider vinegar

1 tsp Bentonite Clay

This combination will cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin. Safe for kids too.

Get them involved by helping you measure and mix.


3) DIY Foot Soak


Epsom Salts

Warm Water


Adding Epsom Salts to warm water and soaking your feet will decrease odor, ease inflammation, and remove toxins.

Have a little one that has trouble sitting still? You can turn the bathroom into their personal spa. They become the owner and you are their customer. Let them offer you services and refreshments. Have them help set it up so they know where the towels and materials are. Be prepared to leave a tip!





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