HOW TO: Self Tan at home

Tanning at home is not as hard as you may think. I have been self tanning for more than 10 years. I would not go without a faux tan, even in the winter. I am naturally pale and I do not sit in the sun anymore. When I was in high school I would lay in the tanning bed and get super dark. So unhealthy! So since I am so passionate about my faux tan I have learned some tips and tricks and also found the best products to DIY!

step 1 dry brush. If you are not dry brushing your body you must start now.

step 2 Shave. I will link the razor that I like from Target. I am also using a laser hair removal device at home, that has been working really well!

step 3 moisturize after your shower, use something simple, I like Aveeno

step 4 first thing in the morning is when I self tan. I usually do step 1-3 before bed and when I wake up I am perfectly smooth, dry and moisturized.


200311_087200311_079200311_078200311_085200311_086200311_077Tanologist self tanning is my favorite! You can get it at Target or Ulta online. When you are applying use a mit, I would never do this without a mit.

Start at the legs: I use 2-3 pumps on each leg, start on my shin, do the bottom half of my leg, skip the knee! move to your upper thigh, This is when I usualy grab another pump of Tanologist self tanning mousse. I suggest you start on the top of the leg and smooth all around in circluar motions. Once you have the thigh done you can move over the knee, and your foot.

Next ABS. you should be able to do your stomach and lower back I use 1 pump for the front and 1 pump for my lower back. I will smooth this over my butt so everything blends well.

Next I do my right arm. 1 pump I start on my forearm and smooth all over the lower half of my arm and over my hand. Grab another pump and start with the upper arm smooth all around you arm skipping the elbow. Once you have your arm covered hit your shoulders, armpit and smooth over the entire arm, elbow included. This the best way to make sure youre getting color all over and will not end up with streaks.

Do the same thing with your left arm, OBVI you need to put the mit on your right hand now and it can be alittle difficult getting your back so dont even try.

Put the mit back on your right hand ( assuming you’re a righty) Get your a pump and smooth all over your chest, start in the middle and smooth all over, I cover my boobs completely and make sure that I get shoulders and neck. This is when you would grab your long back brush and put the mit on the end of it.

With the mit on the back brush, hold on with the loop on your mit. If your mit does not have a loop, use a hair tie to secure the mit onto the brush. I hope you are following along, I am writing while I imagine myself doing this!!

When you get your mit and brush all set I use 2 pumps and start right where my bra strap would be, reaching around as if I was going to unhook my bra… Get yourself all covered and then reach around as if you are trying to scratch your shoulder. This is how I do it.

After you are done with your body you can do your face with tanning drops. I usually do and I have not broken out from it. I hope this helps! Have a great weekend!


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