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Dogs are my fav and I really would love to have more, however I have 3 and that is plenty. I showed my friends on Instagram stories some of my favorite dog items and had many questions about these adorable fluffy dog beds! Our dogs are nonshedding. They love to cuddle so these fluffy beds are perfect. I get our 3 dogs groomed every 6 weeks. They eat strict diets and live a pretty luxurious life. Two of my dogs are considered senior. one of them has very severe allergies and requires monthly injections and perscription dog food. When we found Chewy I was so happy that we could get everything for the dogs in once place, even the prescriptions cost less than the vet office.

Chewy has been amazing. With the recently diet changes and adjustments they refund products and allow me to donate unused food to our shelter. I have also found awesome products like these CBD chews for our wild labradoodle and a formula that really helps our oldest dog with his joint pain.

I recommend autoship for dog food and medications.

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