Thank you for being curious enough to read about me! I am Megan and this is my blog basically just sharing my life the things I have learned, what I love, and how I function as Megan Marie, Mom and Wife.

I was born and raised in MA. I met my husband at a gas station (yes!)  about ten 10 years ago and since then we have been building this amazing life we live together. We were married in 2014 on July 5th and exactly 1 year later, on July 4th our daughter was born! She is a firecracker! Koko (Kourtney) is now 3.5 and the big sister to her brother Kal (Kalvin) who was born Aug 30 exactly 2 years after his sister was born. All the while we were designing and building our dream home! The design took about 3 years, and the actual build took 2.5 we had Koko and Kalvin and accumulated 3 dogs all before we moved in to our new home last summer 2018.

We are now settled in to #villaKomosa and are loving life! I never thought that at 31 years old I would have all this. I truly feel so blessed and proud of the life Kevin and I have worked so so so hard to build. Together we built a business from the ground up and now operate 4 divisions and a crew of employees.  I am fortunate to now be a stay at home mom, building my brand Megan Marie. I would not be anything without my family or without my other half, Kevin motivates, inspires and supports me 100%. I can not imagine life without my husband, kids and dogs.

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I have always been the wild, silly, fashion and beauty loving blonde girl. I remember during break time at school my friends and I owned the bathroom mirror. We would pass around makeup like it was prom night. LOL. 20 years later I am matured and confident, still own the mirror but I will share…

I share my life here to inspire other women my age to fight hard to stay true to their-selves as they grow up. Someone explained to me that this phase of life is our golden years, its a transitional phase that brings lots of good fortune in the future. In our 30s we are building families, homes, and dreams. We are in our prime and face challenges and dark times that will leave us frustrated and bitter. Exhaustion and selflessness will cause us to let ourselves go and ignore the signs of aging, because we are :just so tired:. I want to inspire women to fight back, fight hard, stay strong and positive. I have been through dark times, I have fought the battle, and I have won! My goal now is to share with you how I survived, how I improved myself and how you can create a happy, healthy, home for your family all while being your best self and the best wife.

I also look forward to making friends with you! I have been head down busy the last 10 years and have lost alot of friends along the way. Dont be shy! I am an open book and would love to chat.



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