HOW TO: Self Tan at home

Tanning at home is not as hard as you may think. I have been self tanning for more than 10 years. I would not go without a faux tan, even in the winter. I am naturally pale and I do not sit in the sun anymore. When I was in high school I would lay in the tanning bed and get super dark. So unhealthy! So since I am so passionate about my faux tan I have learned some tips and tricks and also found the best products to DIY!

step 1 dry brush. If you are not dry brushing your body you must start now.

step 2 Shave. I will link the razor that I like from Target. I am also using a laser hair removal device at home, that has been working really well!

step 3 moisturize after your shower, use something simple, I like Aveeno

step 4 first thing in the morning is when I self tan. I usually do step 1-3 before bed and when I wake up I am perfectly smooth, dry and moisturized.


200311_087200311_079200311_078200311_085200311_086200311_077Tanologist self tanning is my favorite! You can get it at Target or Ulta online. When you are applying use a mit, I would never do this without a mit.

Start at the legs: I use 2-3 pumps on each leg, start on my shin, do the bottom half of my leg, skip the knee! move to your upper thigh, This is when I usualy grab another pump of Tanologist self tanning mousse. I suggest you start on the top of the leg and smooth all around in circluar motions. Once you have the thigh done you can move over the knee, and your foot.

Next ABS. you should be able to do your stomach and lower back I use 1 pump for the front and 1 pump for my lower back. I will smooth this over my butt so everything blends well.

Next I do my right arm. 1 pump I start on my forearm and smooth all over the lower half of my arm and over my hand. Grab another pump and start with the upper arm smooth all around you arm skipping the elbow. Once you have your arm covered hit your shoulders, armpit and smooth over the entire arm, elbow included. This the best way to make sure youre getting color all over and will not end up with streaks. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”4053467″]

Do the same thing with your left arm, OBVI you need to put the mit on your right hand now and it can be alittle difficult getting your back so dont even try.

Put the mit back on your right hand ( assuming you’re a righty) Get your a pump and smooth all over your chest, start in the middle and smooth all over, I cover my boobs completely and make sure that I get shoulders and neck. This is when you would grab your long back brush and put the mit on the end of it. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”4053468″]

With the mit on the back brush, hold on with the loop on your mit. If your mit does not have a loop, use a hair tie to secure the mit onto the brush. I hope you are following along, I am writing while I imagine myself doing this!! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”4053477″]

When you get your mit and brush all set I use 2 pumps and start right where my bra strap would be, reaching around as if I was going to unhook my bra… Get yourself all covered and then reach around as if you are trying to scratch your shoulder. This is how I do it.

After you are done with your body you can do your face with tanning drops. I usually do and I have not broken out from it. I hope this helps! Have a great weekend!

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How well do magnetic lashes work? Answered honestly, full magnet lash review

makeup routine magentic lashes

Hey girls!

Magnetic lashes. Have you tried them? I love lashes and even though my natural lashes are super long and healthy they’re just not as full as I personally want. I love lash extensions but it is a commitment that I wasn’t ready to start. I was totally skeptical of the entire process getting magnetic lashes on my eyes seemed scary.

When I finally got brave enough I bought the EyeLure magnetic lashes from Ulta. I liked how the magnetic eyeliner applied. It was as easy as any liquid eyeliner. I left for date night and I was loving them. After awhile the corner started poking up and they got annoying. I was so self-conscious the entire night.

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I tried them again the next day and used more magnetic liner. Thinking a thicker layer would work. I did my makeup using the Too Faced “born this way” foundation in Golden Beige. I love this foundation! I use the Too Faced multi-sculpting concealer in almond and butterscotch for the contour. I get a lot of questions specifically on this so I will start writing another post just for this.

My magnetic lash journey ended after I tried another brand, the good ole Ardell magnetic lashes. They looked great, they had more magnets on them so they stuck on longer, but ultimately could not handle keeping up with me. Especially during my photoshoot, every time I changed my shirt they would fall off. So annoying!!

So needless to say I don’t recommend magnetic lashes. You’re better off getting an adhesive and mastering the application. I have always liked the DIY lash extension kit, it’s not as strong but they can last a couple days if you don’t get them wet.

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After the experiences I had, I decided to get my lash extensions back… I am SO EXCITED!

How I learned to use network marketing opportunities to leverage MY social media brand

I went to college for Marketing, Business management, and web design. WAY BACK in 2008 (ish, so long I hardly remember.) Somehow I figured out how to use network marketing to leverage my social media brand. I had no idea where I would work when I graduated. I did not know what I wanted to do. I knew there was an opportunity with this knowledge. I was going to be ready when I found what I was looking for. Long story short (I just thought of about 3 blog topics, so go ahead and subscribe now, this is about to get juicy) I held myself accountable for making a positive impression and sharing my life as I began a journey towards Health and Wealth. I am sharing my story, and how I used every opportunity I could to leverage my social media brand.

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Curl-defining toddler hairstyle for any occasion

Thank you JOHNSON’S® for sponsoring this post. Kourtney and I reviewed the product and gave our honest feedback and style advice.

Hey, mamas! Today, I am going to blow your mind with statistics… 1,640. Kourtney has had just about 1,640 baths in her life. Some were more enjoyable than others, but one major factor was always the same. I washed her hair with JOHNSON’Sshampoo. Once her hair started growing around age 2, I noticed that it was curly. By age 3, she had the most gorgeous curls, and now everywhere we go, people compliment her for her gorgeous curls. She has never had a real hair cut. I gave her a little straight snip across the bottom when she was 2, which evened out her hair and gave me a little baby hair keepsake.

When we go to Walmart, Kourtney loves to pick up her shampoo. She actually likes to check out all the shampoos in the baby needs section of the personal care aisle, which is where we find her shampoo. The new Curl Defining Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner byJOHNSON’S® is awesome! I love how easy it makes styling her hair. The leave-in conditioner gives her curls strength, shine, and 24-hour definition—which is exactly what she needs.

Kourtney is 4, and part of being 4 is all about rebellion. I don’t always get the opportunity to sit and blow dry her hair or spend time braiding. The JOHNSON’S® Curl Defining Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner that can be found at Walmart makes styling curly hair a breeze. I wash her hair at night and use the JOHNSON’S® Curl Defining Shampoo to massage her hair clean. Rinsing her hair is stress-free because of JOHNSON’S® consistent formulas featuring No More Tears® (Gentle). It’s also hypoallergenic; it contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or dyes; and is Ophthalmologist & Pediatrician tested.

When Kourtney goes to bed at night, I always braid her hair; that keeps it from getting tangled. In the morning, we decide if we are wearing a simple bow or a braid. She likes the half up braid but gets annoyed fast if I fuss.

Kourtney’s hair is naturally curly and a little frizzy. When she wakes up in the morning, I use a dab of the JOHNSON’S® Curl Defining Leave-In Conditioner, which smooths any frizz. After sectioning off the top layer of her hair, I separate it into 3 sections and begin twisting to make a braid. I love the way the clear elastics work, especially for school hairstyles, because they won’t fall out. I tie her braid with a clear elastic and then bubble the braid by separating each piece a little bit. Loosening the braid a bit makes it look a little more boho, which we love. When we want to jazz it up, we part her hair to one side, braid the section with the most hair, and then add a pretty bow to clip the bang portion back. It looks so cute and I am so envious that her hair is so easy to style. I love this JOHNSON’S® Curl Defining Shampoo and Conditioner.*

My First Class dirty secret, pro tips to hair that lasts 5 days.


Ladies, you know you reached into the cabinet this morning and pulled out your dry shampoo… If you didnt, you will tomorrow. Everyone needs to have this dry shampoo in their cabinet. This is my IGK First Class Dirty Secret dry shampoo. I style my hair after washing and use a few pro tips to make my hair last a good 5 days without washing. Can you go 5 days without washing your hair? Continue reading

Launching in the USA, ANRIEA black tooth whitening strips for sensitive teeth

Photo Jul 31, 10 49 13 PM


Teeth whitening is one of the things that a lot of people avoid, because their afraid of increasing sensitivity in their teeth and gums. I honestly think that if you use the right products, the right way you won’t experience a big increase in sensitivity… And I do have a teeth whitening secret for you that I am going to share in this post. 

Natural teeth whitening is effective if used properly and I found an amazing natural teeth whitening product that uses edible charcoal, coconut oil and natural pearl powder to whiten!  This product is ANRIEA and it is brand new in the USA. The ANRIEA black tooth whitening strips are safe to use everyday because there is no harmful chemical ingredients which cause the irritating feeling. There is no hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide and  preservative contained. You can even swallow while using! I am so excited to be partnered with ANRIEA to share their launch with you guys. You can get the product HERE on Amazon! It is affordable and ships fast.

 These black teeth whitening strips are amazing! They are super easy to use too. When I saw the YouTube video of the ANRIEA black teeth whitening strip I laughed. The strip is black! I have seen black tooth paste before but this is something totally new, and I am here for it! I love the ANRIEA whitening strip. I am totally hooked on throwing a set on my teeth before I take a shower. The ANRIEA teeth whitening strip is comfortable and the strip is thick so it doesn’t slide around. Which makes doing something while wearing it totally comfortable. 

Next, I have a few tips to share with you guys. If you are just starting out whitening your teeth, plan to be consistent. You cannot expect a once and done procedure with teeth whitening at home. Choose a tooth paste that protects enamel. This will help with sensitivity and make sure you do not damage the enamel of your teeth. Next use the whitening strips everyday after you have had ALL of your coffee for the day, or at the end of the night before bed. I sort of imagine my teeth being super absorbent after I whiten them which helps me remember now to eat or drink anything that could stain them. If you are just starting out whitening your teeth, I would use them everyday for 2 weeks. Now that I have bright white teeth I just whiten them every week or every other week to remove light coffee stains. I brush my teeth with a good tooth paste that protects enamel (not one that focuses on whitening) twice a day and use the ANRIEA tooth whitening  strip as often as I want. You can order your ANRIEA black tooth whitening strips from Amazon by clicking HERE(Use my code  MGANRIEA at checkout on amazon for 10% saving)