SPA DAY activities for mom and kids to do at home

200227_29200227_31200227_34Since we are all going to be stuck at home for awhile. I wanted to share with you some easy ways to have a fun spa day with your kids at home.  I invited my friend @katlinsimula to write a post for me. She is a former teacher and always shares ideas with me. Follow her on IG for all things kids, outdoor fun, and natural wellness!

1) Manis and Pedis



Nail Polish or Paint



Want to do your nails, but don’t want the kids involved? Trace your hands and feet on cardboard, then cut them out. Draw on the nails.

The kids can use paint or nail polish on the cardboard. Want a natural nail polish for your toddler? Try Ella & Mila. Free of harsh chemicals and tons of color choices. I’m not sure I could relax if my toddler was using nail polish, so regular paint is a great alternative!


2) DIY Face Masks


1 TB organic raw honey

1 TB organic apple cider vinegar

1 tsp Bentonite Clay

This combination will cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin. Safe for kids too.

Get them involved by helping you measure and mix.


3) DIY Foot Soak


Epsom Salts

Warm Water


Adding Epsom Salts to warm water and soaking your feet will decrease odor, ease inflammation, and remove toxins.

Have a little one that has trouble sitting still? You can turn the bathroom into their personal spa. They become the owner and you are their customer. Let them offer you services and refreshments. Have them help set it up so they know where the towels and materials are. Be prepared to leave a tip!





My tips to conquer working at home and managing your family during covid19


Right now we are trying to survive the Pandemic. Legit. This is so hard for me to say because it doesn’t feel real. I didn’t ever think something like this would happen, but here we are. Some of us are able to work at home, some aren’t and it’s hard for everyone. I am praying for everyone, especially those who are experiencing financial hardship. It’s devastating to so many. I am compassionate enough to think of everyone and want to share some tips that work for me, in my situation as a work at home mom.

My job doesn’t stop, this is a place I share my life. This is my life. I am wearing AirPods right now, to keep mickey mouse out of my head. I am trying to get some thoughts out in between referring to my right and watching dinner cook to my left. I have to share the amazing new Butcher Box I just got! This month you can get Ground Beef for life when you subscribe to Butcher Box! YAY.

New Year, New Summit




As for working at home while trying to be mom at the same time. The AirPod trick works. I have mine in almost all day, with very low background music…. My kids and I have a routine down and bedtime is still strict. I am getting by every day by incorporating both physical and mental games, I start the morning with a fun activity. I can’t let them lounge around too long so they have been enjoying going outside. Today they played in the snow and to keep them busy I added food coloring to random spray bottles. I had to consolidate bottles but I made due because I NEEDED to go over emails while I watched them play from the window…

In addition to incorporating exercise in the morning, I am moving from there to breakfast. Then something relaxing, Kourtney chose to play babies in her playhouse. Kalvin watched a kid’s video doing puzzles and colors. He was entertained for a while with that. Then we switched and he played in the kitchen. Then we made lunch. Kalvin helped me cook the noodles for mac n cheese. He washed some dishes… changed his clothes and then we ate lunch.

After lunch, I try and do a craft with the kids. Today we made an easter door hanger. I saw something on Etsy and recreated it with cardboard. I work in between all of these things. I keep my computer handy. I keep lists and I go threw my emails at least 3 times a day, immediately flagging important emails, and deleting spam.

If I have a call to make I schedule it during free play time/tv time. The tips that I think are most important are to keep your mind as clear as you can. Keep notes. Keep your inbox clean and have a practical do to list. When you are considering a to-do list time block. Give yourself TIME for each task. I can actually fold a lot of laundry in an hour. So I go through the house and wash everything, usually like 4 loads, and then I spend an hour folding it all at once.

Take advantage of your on-demand and convenient options when possible! I love meal subscriptions and Instacart. Plate Joy is amazing when I am in a cooking rut. During this quarantine, I am extra thankful for my Butcher Box! I had a freezer full of organic grass-fed meat because I had just received my order. The March promo is so generous! It incorporates 2 pounds of ground beef for the life of your subscription! Did someone say meatballs?

That is all I have to offer you, that and I support drinking on Monday and at noon when necessary. I also suggest waking up EARLY and going to bed EARLY. Starting your morning by spending time with mental clarity preparing your day is so important to me. I notice it helps so much, along with drinking my UNICORN DRINK. I’ll share the recipe for that soon! Its gut health, energy and collagen so its the ultimate full-body energy, health and beauty supplement!



I am an affiliate of Butcher Box and may receive a commission from your purchase. Thanks for your support by using my links when you shop. Xo!



Keeping Sane while you entertain the kids inside.


Hey there!

I am having a busy Monday. School vaca crept up on me and I was not very prepared. Meaning, I don’t have play dates, and outings scheduled and I am up to my ears with work. Today I want to give you a few quick tips that will help me stay sane this week.

  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself mom. Remember that the kids do not need something extravagant to be happy. For example, I saved grocery shopping for late last night and my daughter and I went. It would normally be her bedtime, so she was super excited and I let her choose a late-night snack to enjoy when we got home.
  2. bring the outdoors in.  I bought this slide from little tikes for under $50. I let my kids have my fitness ball as well and they are in heaven!
  3. Arts and Crafts. Today we are headed out to grab a quick lunch and make a pit stop at Micheals for some paintable figurines. Plus whatever else we can find! We are working on building a display shelf full of little figurines that she paints. It will be cure decor for the new playroom.

Also for your own sanity, get up early. I always get up a few hours early to get my work done. Whether you have a work at home job like I do or you just need to get the laundry done… Take the time alone to get it done. You can catch up on sleep later. Sanity is more important. Would you rather be sleep deprived or frustrated and overwhelmed?


gotta run, time for lunch date!!







3 ways a busy mom and wife can practice self-care

Photo Oct 20, 3 31 19 PM.jpg


The kids and I have had a rough few months. Kevin has been working a lot, super long days and nights. We traveled a few times over the summer and celebrated with family but we have not had a normal weekend at home with Kevin in awhile. We have broken our routine of taking time for self-care on the weekends and we are both trying our best to keep going through this hard busy time.

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Go confidently in the direction of your… what’s working for me parenting right now.

Photo Oct 13, 1 17 27 PMPhoto Oct 13, 1 19 10 PMPhoto Oct 13, 1 19 35 PMPhoto Oct 13, 1 20 46 PM

Hey girls,

I have not been on here talking about motherhood, in awhile. The summer was exhausting, and I learned ALOT while I was with my kids, every day. I am just learning as I go. Kourtney and Kalvin are 4 and 2. I love them so much, but gosh, they are challenging at times. Right now, at this stage of my parenthood journey. I am teaching them how to react appropriately and control their body.


Right now is the most critical stage of their development. The habits that they learn will be engrained. I am working hard at giving them redirection and positive self-talk when things get haywire. I DONT ALWAYS DISCIPLINE, immediately, during the heat of the moment. Punishing usually starts in the afternoon, because at that point, I am exhausted, they have heard it enough and are ready for a time out. When we begin our day hell yes, some situations occur, but I don’t get mad. I am very strict in my direction, I do not allow them to sink into that insecure whining and tantrummy mood. HOW, by planning ahead. Planning ahead has become essential to my success in all things, but especially parenting my two toddlers. I know what they need, I know what they will want, and I plan ahead so that I can be sure that BOTH of us are satisfied. Compromise. Toddlers want it their way, and mom is the boss. So I control situations by making my toddler feel as though she made a choice, and shes is getting what she wants. We choose clothes at the end of the night so that the next morning she knows what she is wearing. NO QUESTION. I do not let her change her mind. “you can wear that when you get home, or lets set that aside for tomorrow’s outfit. or you can wear that tutu/dress over your pants…” while I am doing this, I reinforce, “we made our choices, and now we have to follow through.”

Health and nutrition are essential to me. I limit sugar, processed food, and snacks. WHY because this is the time when children learn how to choose what they eat, and they are going to use these habits and eat a balanced diet. My daughter wants to start the day with chocolate milk, ok, well no… I started giving her Ovaltine, which is not that great, then I found children’s protein powders, and now I provide them with a choice of vanilla or chocolate Arbonne protein, which is a pea protein. I can manipulate her choices by 1 not introducing unhealthy options at all, or two merely saying no. “This or nothing” tactic is tough to follow through with, but if you do, after a few days, it won’t be an issue anymore.

When my kids went to the pumpkin patch, I saw them pulling their wagons. When they came across a pumpkin, they wanted I saw them size it up. Try and pick it up and move on if it was too heavy. I was able to watch them walk around the pumpkin patch and snap photos of them. All the while, I was thinking about how my kids have learned how to control their reactions. Instead of getting mad, they couldn’t pick up the pumpkin, they walked away. They worked together to pull and push the heavy wagon. Its just moments like this that are random, but examples of how parenting lessons are paying off.

My kid’s fight. My daughter is finally getting it because she called my name and walked away. I have repeated over, and over every time they fight that THEY BOTH WOULD NOT BE IN TROUBLE IF THEY WALKED AWAY FROM THE SITUATION. Seriously think, how important is that lesson… in life. My son threw a toy that should not be thrown, I took the doll and sat him down and explained it isn’t ok. Every time he his, of throws something he is removed from the situation, sat down and said no, we don’t hit it hurts our friends, or we don’t throw things because we like playing with our toy and we don’t want to break it. He is 2, so I keep it quick and don’t make him stay in the chair. Sometimes he is pissed and will throw himself on the ground. During that moment I say to him. Fine, if you want to have a tantrum go ahead, you can be mad, but we do not throw or hit THEN I WALK AWAY. This makes it totally clear to him that his tantrum has no effect on me. When he is calm, he gets up and goes about his business. He knows that what he did was wrong, and I don’t have to do anything else. He is 2.

My daughter is 4. If this situation were involving her, I would do the same exact thing, but tell her she needed to go into another room and calm down. I make her remove herself from going somewhere private. Or I carried her up and put her somewhere private. Then I tell her to come to me when she is calm, and I will give her a hug, and we can talk about it. Typically she is the one that is wrong because she hit or pushed her brother. So I generally am mad in this situation, so it allows me to cool my jets too. I am not perfect, and for sure, I will scream GO TO YOUR ROOM or something like that. I have noticed though the more that this is becoming an everyday thing, the easier it is for me not to flip out. I know how something is going to play out, and I am ok with the shit show knowing it will be ok in a short while. Photo Oct 13, 1 28 12 PMPhoto Oct 13, 1 28 20 PMPhoto Oct 13, 1 29 03 PM

When we are discouraged, we become insecure, negative, and shut down. Right. Well, when my kids were at the pumpkin patch and failed at picking up the big pumpkin time, and time again, I watched them fight their frustration by trying again and again. We celebrated the victory, and I was proud that they were able to enjoy the pumpkin patch without one meltdown. I just used the pumpkin patch as an example here because it is the moment that I realized my parenting techniques are working. Consistency is key. Going confidently in the direction of goals is so important, but not becoming discouraged by a hurdle and remaining positive while we carry on is the secret to success in life. We must never give up, and we must stay positive to reach our goal.  I hope that this little storytelling post is helpful to you. I am sharing what I am learning as I go. Not giving you advice. You might have something entirely different that is working for you… The only piece of information you need to be a successful mother is BE CONSISTENT. Make a rule and stick with it. FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES, MAMA.



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Prime Day must haves for the home and family



Prime day is here and I will be updating this widget throughout the day so keep checking back… The things I am super pumped about are the items for home, Dyson on sale, Silk pillow cases on sale huge! and lots more! I am getting dots for every bedroom and office in our home and I am so excited to be able to call out to everyone that dinner is ready without having to raise my voice and yell up the stairs. Amazon is a great place to shop for solution products, and I always take advantage when I find something… not lazy just efficient. Koko calls me BOSS.


Also check my instagram for more lighting deal links on stories.

Some of the items that I linked I already have, you may remember seeing them, I linked everything I have and approve of plus the things I am buying! Happy PRIME DAY!

new update as of 830 AM

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