Sentimental details and gorgeous furnishings in my master bedroom. Full reveal with Raymour and Flanigan

Hey friends,

My master bedroom reveal is finally live. I walk through my house and I am totally thankful for everything we have. Kevin built this house with his bare hands, it took him a couple years and we will forever love this home. I just updated our nightstands and dresser with a set from RAYMOUR AND FLANIGAN.  This set caught my eye while shopping last year and despite having to wait a little longer because of the pandemic shut down, everything has been delivered and looks amazing!

I am linking everything here and making it super easy labeling it all for you.



The picture in the corner is from our engagement photos! Its in front of a barn, and I love how it fits in our bedroom. The floral topiary on my dresser is from my wedding. I made these centerpieces myself with silk flowers. It is super special to me having these forever. Also I keep our shark self emptying vacuum in our room and I have it programmed to clean every couple days. It helps keep our room dust free and the rug from Raymour and Flanigan nice and clean. 200824_03


Here is a better look at the wedding centerpieces I made!






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3 ways to control your mindset

Hey! So I just want to talk about a few things that can totally help you own your mindset. It wasn’t until I started my friendship with the blogging community that I even thought about someones mindset. There are so many women joining forces empowering eachother right now, and it is amazing! So I was inspired and started to become more self aware. I think that making lifestyle changes is a huge commitment and if you are going to work on your mind, you need to have a meeting with your brain and make sure she is going to be open to this change… think of it like starting a diet! I made a few changes to my lifestyle about 2 months ago, and I am excited to tell you just how I managed to own my mindset after a very serious battle with PPD.  Continue reading

How small local businesses can find the silver lining in COVID and REACH new customers. Build CREDIBILITY and HYPE before reopening. 

How small local businesses can find the silver lining in COVID and REACH new customers. Build CREDIBILITY and HYPE.


Open we stand. In Business school, I learned the importance of resiliency. “Business resilience is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions, safeguard people and assets, while maintaining continuous business operations.” The disruption of COVID has forced business owners and their staff to stay home. When you are truly invested in your business there should be no boundaries, the location should not define your business. You can and should REACH your customers by virtually initiating relationships. The ice cream shop on 5 and 10 can and should share daily on social media to expand their AWARENESS. Awareness will build your audience. Two ways the ice cream shop can build awareness without spending money: SOCIAL MEDIA. Photos are what grabs your audience’s attention. Ice cream, for example, is a treat, which brings joy, positivity, and creates sentimental moments for consumers.

Define your ideal customer. Why do they come to you? What are 5 words that describe that customer’s personality?

The ice cream shop does not need daily photos of delicious ice cream sundaes. A mix of positive quotes, and social gatherings would diversify your content and expand your REACH.

Your social sharing should be organized, on-brand, and cohesive. Yes, you can use stock images on websites like or download a lightroom preset and filter all your images to achieve that cohesive feeling on your social media. When you share, do so in an organized fashion. has a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler, they offer a free trial for Instagram and encourage your social media feed to diversify its message by including motivational, inspiring, educational etc. types of content. I highly suggest that you check out Tailwind for Instagram.

When you REACH your customer on social media where are they going to go to learn more about you? Your Instagram bio. Put your location, what you serve, and how you serve your customer. LINK to your website. If you do not have a website, build one. They are easy using GODADDY. They offer templates and customer service that will help you achieve what you need. There is nothing wrong with being basic. Your customer wants visual reassurance that they found a CREDIBLE business. Anyone can fake it on social right. Use your website to share your menu, staff pics, a story about you and your WHY.

All these things you can be doing from home for little or no money. Equally as important is getting your employees on board with this opportunity to raise awareness. Ask them to RESHARE your content. Ask them to help GROW by giving them your Instagram password and letting them take over for a day. Introduce themselves on Instagram stories, share about them (I am talking a 30 second intro and if they tell you they are uncomfortable on camera tell them to post a photo and write text overlay. No excuses.)  You employees should be your branches right now. Raise awareness so that when you finally reopen your doors you have waitlist or long line at your door. REACH. HYPE. CREDIBILE.

I hope this brief outline helps small business owners understand the value of social media and the internet. I encourage you to visit GoDaddy’s microsite for resources, inspiration & connection to other entrepreneurs during COVID-19.” Brought to you by @GoDaddy #OpenWeStand.

5 ways to improve gut health


I have learned over the last ten years that gut health is the foundation of my overall health. I feel my best when my gut is healthy. What are the signs of an unhealthy gut? Digestive issues, bad breath, sugar cravings, bloating, poor sleep, skin issues, anxiety, depression. Everyone needs to focus on gut health. If you are having trouble losing weight improving your gut health can help.

I learned the importance of a healthy gut before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. My gut was a mess because my intestines were so damaged. I was malnourished and had so much inflammation my joints were aching. I healed my gut and balanced the microbiome in my gut and everything improved. I have been an advocate for gut health since.

I understood that a balanced microbiome was so important. In order to have a balance, it is important to eat a healthy diet and consume prebiotics and probiotics. That doesn’t mean that yogurt is the answer! Bacteria in your gut quickly kill the small number of probiotics in your gut. The first step is to heal your gut and detox! I was self-treating my gut after doing extensive research online. It was expensive (some probiotics are $50+) and I was still not feeling my best. I had very low energy and after I had my kids I was struggling every day.

Then my friend introduced me to Plexus. Plexus is a supplement company that focuses on gut health. I researched and determined that the products sold by Plexus were high quality, bioavailable, plant-based, and gluten-free! I was able to detox my gut in about 2 months. The inflammation that I lost was obvious. My face looked different, not so round. I had enough energy to skip my second, third, and fourth cup of coffee! The regimen that I started included a pink drink that activates the microbiome and supports healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels.

I would love to tell you more about how I cured my gut with Plexus. If you would like to request more info from me please drop me your email.

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Getting summer ready at home



Summer is on my mind while we are stuck inside right now. Quarantine has been rough. I am trying to stay positive and remember that good things are coming. Like summer weather! Summer Fun and sunshine! While I am stuck in quarantine I am pulling out all my at home self care devices! Silk’n is the brand that makes the skin care devices I use at home.

Right now I am getting summer ready using my Silk’n Infinity hair removal device! Its so easy and painless. Here is how to get started!

Order your Silk’n Infinity today. Its on sale with free shipping! Once you get your device plan your regimen. It is a process that takes several weeks, if you start this month you’ll be silky smooth by summer. I started about three weeks ago and so far I am seeing dramatic decrease in hair regrowth.

The night before my treatment I shower and shave all the areas I want to treat. My armpits are actually where I wanted to use this the most because I have the most awkward time shaving them. I don’t know if its because I am so thin or what but my armpit is a bitch to shave! Anyways, shower and shave the night before, apply lotions. In the morning I will do my treatment and take my time! I use almost the highest setting and glide the Silk’n infinity over the areas I want to treat. glide very slowly trying to make sure every spot is “zapped.” Honestly, I am doing my entire body… arms, legs, bikini. I figure why not!

The silk’n at home skin care devices work great! I also use the anti aging and the microderm tools.