Labor, lipstick and Harley doodle


Hey babes!! I am planning for labor and I will admit I am scared. I did not go into labor with Koko, I never even felt a real contraction. She was breech and I had preeclampsia so she was born via emergency C-section… I was actually supposed to have a C-section tomorrow 8/25 for this baby but a few weeks ago I got brave and decided to go for a vbac. So I canceled the C-section and I am hoping and praying for the best possible delivery and a healthy baby boy. I decided to buy some labor lipstick the other day because I feel like when I have my makeup done I can achieve anything.

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Baby Jogger city select DOUBLE STROLLER with accessories and Cybex infant car seat


Hey mamas and mamas to be!!! I have been fantasizing about having a double stroller with all the accessories ever since we bought BABY JOGGER CITY SELECT for Koko. I used this stroller from birth till now with her and I love it! The basket is so large I used it as my shopping cart at the grocery store the entire time Koko was in her infant car seat.

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Winter Blues Photo Collage_edited

Hey mamas & mamas to be! I am really excited to be welcoming our baby boy any day now!!!! (come onnn baby) I am sharing a list of my top baby gear items and they’re all available at buybuy BABY. I recommend starting a REGISTRY  regardless if you’re having a shower or not. Use it as your wish list and when you get your completion coupon a couple weeks before your due date use that to save big on everything you want and need!!! Hubby and I did this and we saved over a thousand dollars!

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Baby MUST HAVES from the second time csection, breastfeeding mama

must haves.jpg

Hey babes, You will see on my list everything from the best BABY CARRIER to my pick of a DOUBLE STROLLER  ( I cant wait to install the skateboard for Koko) even so many of the outfits I bought for my baby boy because I just could not help but share. One thing I am looking forward to this time is the high waisted leggings that I got on SALE  I never would buy them at full price so I am going to live in them as soon as they fit, I bought my pre preg size in both styles I linked.

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